Vic Laranja


I'm on a mission to inspire others to strive for financial freedom. As an advertiser turned creator, I produce video content designed to cut through the noise and deliver powerful results. My content helps audience members quickly increase their financial literacy and inspires them to focus on high income skills. My core niches are finance, crypto & emerging tech.




Digital Marketing Agency. Focused on Innovative Marketing Strategies for Emerging Tech Brands.


Professional Content Creator Accelerator Program. Designed to Help Content Creators Earn 6-Figures Through TikTok.


New Videos on TikTok, YouTube & Instagram Every Week. Inspiring My Audience to Strive for Financial Freedom.


For the last 15 years, Vic Laranja has spent the majority of his time editing videos, producing music, developing marketing content for clients, and building businesses online. In his early teen years, he learned video editing and graphic design principles that allowed him to begin his career and work directly with brands like RedBull in the competitive gaming niche before graduating College. Vic then transitioned his focus into music production and began building the skills needed to release 8 Albums independently; 4 Solo albums and 4 Client projects. From that point, an opportunity in the Digital Marketing space came knocking on the door, and it was apparent that Vic could use his skill set and passion for business to build a Digital Agency. Social Gravity was started in 2018 and was built into a multi-6-figure brand in its first 18 months. In October 2021, after the birth of his son, Vic decided to focus fully on building his personal brand, posting daily content on Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube. Vic’s follower count has grown past 350,000 subscibers across all accounts in that time. Now, Vic focuses on his passion for finance and business through daily content creation and marketing efforts with partnered brands. is owned and operated by Laranja Holdings Inc. - Copyright 2022 All Rights Reserved

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